f PSP Christian Academy Staff

PSP Staff

Meet the community of leaders who enrich the students lives

What motivates these earger students? A great team of leaders!

What sets exceptional leaders apart? One thing, is their ongoing commitment to giving direct one-on-one instruction. We've found that they make a point of personally imparting memorable lessons that fall into three categories: learning the truth in the word of God, knowledge and skills and broader life lessons.

When and where top leaders teach is almost as important as what they teach. Instead of waiting for formal reviews, great teachers stay accessible to their students and share their wisdom as opportune moments arise, whether that’s in the school or outside of it. They also create teaching moments—often by instructing through life lessons.

How do they make life lessons stick?

Their techniques include (1) customizing instruction to the needs, personality, and development path of each individual, (2) asking pertinent questions to deepen learning, and (3) modeling the behavior they want others to practice. Numerous superstar leaders who are revered as great teachers suggest that if you follow upright examples, you can strengthen students and see great results!

Great teachers teach on a range of topics, but their best lessons are set by example

Ultimately, great leaders understand that even a little bit of high-quality, one-on-one teaching can yield great rewards to the students, making a memorable imprint that lasts a lifetime!

Meet the staff

Prepare for a bright future by our competent staff

Our staff have full knowledge of the subject matters they teach and are familiar with the curriculum content. They possess the zest and enthusiasm to explore and develop new teaching strategies that will fit the pupil’s level and pace of learning. They strive to know their students and thouroughly evaluate lessons.

Our staff articulate and communicate well. They participate appropriately at meetings and seminars with relative ease. As much as possible, they provide constructive lessons for life.

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