2023-24 curriculum

Classes Offered

Language Arts - Spelling

Language Arts for this semester will focus on spelling. We will be using Apples Daily Spelling Drills for Secondary Students by Susan Kemmerer. The class will be taught by Coach Stephanie from 11:00am-11:30am on Mondays. A reminder to bring your toolboxes with paper, pencils/pens, colored pencils/markers, as well as scissors and glue.

Material Fee $20 per student

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Investigate the science of Physics with Coach Jonathan, Coach Stephanie and Coach Heather through fun experiments, games and bookwork. Study such things as

Material fee: $20 per student

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Fine Arts Sampler

New for this semester at PSP is th addition of Crocheting to our Fine Arts Sampler! Embrace Fine Arts with our Fine Arts Sampler. Students will learn hands on art concepts with Coach Angela, jazz dance with Coach Juliet, music with Coach Kerry and a drum seminar with Coach Gary. Each week will bring a different fine art that your child will enjoy.

Material Fee $20 per student

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History / geography

Ages 8 and up

Gain an understanding of American History and Geography with Coach Katrina. Fifty States Under God is a time line overview of the building of our nation, state by state. It includes a brief study on every one of the fifty states. In the course of studying events of particular interest to each state, the student will see, from a Christian perspective, how these events affected that state and our nation as a whole. Fifty States Under God is not a comprehensive U.S. history course, a collection of comprehensive state history courses, or a comprehensive geography course. Instead, it is U.S. history from a statehood perspective with an overview of geography, giving a unique perspective on all three.

Required Texts:
Fifty States Under God, Joy Dean

Geography Of The Fifty States, Joy Dean

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American Covenant

Ages 8 and up

Join Coach Heather and Coach Stephanie as we explore the Bible, the United States Government and American History through Kirk Cameron’s American Campfire Revival.

As our national fabric unravels before a watching world, the unanswered question of the twenty-first century cries for a response: What happened to the America that once led the world by example?
To put it bluntly, we have forgotten the covenant that our Founders made with our Creator. Its very meaning has been canceled by a secular elite at war with the truth.
The American Covenant: The Untold Story documents in exciting and vivid detail the Biblically based principles and personalities that formed the foundation for America’s economic, governmental, legal, educational, and spiritual institutions. The brilliant strategy of our Founders is contained in this volume and is providing hope for families and nations worldwide.

Required Text:

American Covenant Book
The Untold Story, Marshall Foster
$10 per student material fee

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American Sign Language

Come join Coach Wanda in a fun filled course in American Sign Language that introduces the student to basic American Sign Language skills through signing practice, games, songs and workbooks.

Required text:
The Joy of Signing Third Edition: A Dictionary of American Signs
3rd Edition, Lottie L Reikeho

The Joy of Signing Puzzle Book 1: Have Fun Learning to Sign, Linda Lascelle Hillebrand and Lottie L. Reikehof

The Joy of Signing Puzzle Book 2: Have Fun Learning to Sign, Linda Lascelle Hillebrand and Lottie L. Reikehof

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Canine's & Care Seninar

Canines are an important part to our everyday lives; Whether, you meet them on the street or have them in your home. Through her fun approach Coach Elizabeth will introduce your child to canines, canine safety and grooming techniques.

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