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The PSP weekly meetup with with their coaches

The Monday sessions focus on instruction and extra fun that the students love. There is teaching and socialition that they receive to enrich their homeschool experience.

There is so much more that engage the student’s experience like no other homeschool options anywhere!


Experienced and approachable instructors and coaches

Class time is unique and creative here at PSP Christian Academy. Here, students have full access to the knowledge and experience that our coaches offer. One on one learning is available throughout the day.

We take great pride in the learning time that we make available to each of our learners.

Time with

Learning with the family is an enrichening experience

What could be better than experiencing development with parents and siblings?  There is so much to learn from each other in a family environment.

With school systems now leaning away from family values, it is time to reembrace learning with immediate family.

Sports & so
much more!

In our roots here at PSP, we have come from a sports education beginning

Motivating the students for involvement, the coaches teach in multiple areas of physical education. Here, they receive that much needed motivation.

Organized sports participation aid in the development of physical skills, such as hand-eye coordination; functional movement skills and strength; and academic, self-regulatory, and general life skills. It also may have positive social benefits, leading to both improved social identity and social adjustment.

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*Note: We are not presently accepting charter students.

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PSP Christian Academy boasts 35+ years of teaching experience. Our instructors are kind, patient, and great at breaking down complex concepts.

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