Meal Planning for Busy Homeschool Families

Meal planning is the task every mom finds tedious. In all the playgroups and homeschool co-ops I have attended, every mom at some point would shrug and say, “Ugh! I have nothing planned for dinner.” And all the homeschool moms nearby would offer ideas or commiserate.

With modern day conveniences like instant pots, crockpots, and air fryers, making quick and simple  meals has never been easier. Yet, we still get overcome by all we must accomplish in a day, so meal planning becomes a challenge. Between math lessons, naptimes, play dates, music lessons, and laundry, I know how easily meal planning can fall to the bottom of the list.

Meal planning is essential. Plus, the children learn so much about health and life skills when we make food from scratch at home. We can end the stress about wondering what’s for dinner each night by making a plan and sticking to it. These tips are how I stay on top of dinner planning—even around kids’ activities and working from home.

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Jaimi Erickson

HSLDA Military Blogger

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