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Promotions 2024

Promotions and graduation at PSP Christian Academy

End of Year Teens Formal 2023

The formal was quite a blast and everyone had such a great time!

Oak Glen 2022

Fall field trip to Oak Glen. We had such a great time!

Fall Open House 2022

Last day of Fall festivities, end of first semester
It is not Christian activities, structures
and programs first. Prayer must come first.

What makes PSP Special

PSP Christian Academy, with a faith-centered focus, teaches strong moral conduct and encourage students to adopt and follow this as they mature and grow. Homeschool students typically develop strong skills in time management, self-discipline and self-study. But at PSP, they also learn the importance of integrity, honesty, ethics and spiritual beliefs. Upon graduation, these stunts have characteristics that colleges and employers want to have in their applicants as they become successful adults in both career and education.

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